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Ujwal Choudhary

Ujwal Choudhary

Dr. Ujwal Chaudhary, a distinguished expert in neurotechnology, has significantly advanced the field of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), especially for individuals experiencing locked-in and completely locked-in states (CLIS). Holding a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Florida International University, where he was honored as an outstanding doctoral degree graduate, Dr. Chaudhary's academic and professional journey is marked by groundbreaking achievements and dedication to improving lives through innovative technology.


Over the past decade, Dr. Chaudhary's research has focused on developing both invasive and non-invasive BCIs. His pioneering work led to the historic development of a system that enabled complete sentence formation by a person in CLIS—a monumental breakthrough in the field. This work not only pushed the limits of existing technology but also opened new avenues for communication for those with severe paralysis.


Currently, Dr. Chaudhary serves as the CEO and co-founder of BrainPortal Technologies GmbH, a company dedicated to developing wearable consumer neurotech products. He is also the managing director and co-founder of ALS Voice gGmbH, a non-profit organization that provides customized communication solutions to individuals with paralysis. His leadership roles emphasize his commitment to translating scientific research into practical applications that enhance the quality of life for affected individuals. His academic contributions are extensive, with numerous peer-reviewed publications in prestigious scientific journals and presentations at national and international levels. Dr. Chaudhary has consistently been at the forefront of research that intersects neuroengineering and rehabilitation, offering new insights into the neurophysiological and neuropsychological aspects of BCI control in paralysis.


Dr. Chaudhary's work is not just limited to research and development; he is actively involved in mentoring the next generation of scientists and engineers. He has supervised numerous Ph.D. and Master's students, imparting knowledge and inspiring innovation in neurotechnology. Dr. Ujwal Chaudhary's career is a testament to his visionary approach and relentless pursuit of solutions that bridge the gap between human cognitive capabilities and technological advancements, making him a leading figure in the world of neurotechnology and neurorehabilitation

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