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Harry Lambert Founder


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Welcome to the Institute of Neurotechnology and Law (INL),  a pioneering research and advocacy centre dedicated to exploring the intersection of neuroscience and legal standards. Established with the vision to foster a deeper understanding of how technological advancements in neuroscience can inform and transform legal practices, INL strives to bridge the gap between these two critical fields.


*Launched in May 2024 by Harry Lambert.

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Our Mission Statement

Institute of Neurotechnology and Law INL



Raising Awareness on Legal Issues Relating to Neurotechnology

We strive to bring to light the complex legal challenges posed by advancements in neurotechnology. By identifying and addressing these issues, we aim to pave the way for informed policy-making that safeguards individual rights and promotes ethical practices in neurotechnological research and applications.


Protect & International Dialogue

Fostering the Protection of Neurorights. As neurotechnology evolves, so too does the need to protect neurorights. We are committed to promoting the recognition and preservation of these rights, ensuring that neurotechnological advancements do not compromise individual privacy, autonomy, or consent. 

Fostering International Cooperation and Discussion

Neurotechnology is a global issue that requires international effort. We are committed to enhancing global dialogue and collaboration. By bringing together experts from various countries and disciplines, we aim to foster a global community that can tackle the international challenges and opportunities presented by neurotechnology.



Promoting Healthy, Balanced Debate. Our institute serves as a platform for sparking meaningful discussions around the legal implications of neurotechnology. We facilitate debates that involve diverse viewpoints, integrating knowledge from legal experts, technologists, ethicists, and policymakers. This ensures a well-rounded dialogue that can lead to more comprehensive and judicious legal frameworks.



Educating and Providing Learning Opportunities

Education is a pillar of our mission. We offer a range of learning opportunities for individuals keen on exploring the technical, scientific, and legal dimensions of neurotechnology. Through workshops, seminars, and online courses, participants can gain a clearer understanding of how neurotechnology intersects with legal issues and societal norms.


Responsible Neurotechnology Companies


Collaboration With Governments & Big Tech

Supporting Responsible Neurotechnology Companies

We believe that the true measure of technology lies in its capacity to enhance human capacities and improve quality of life. Therefore, we provide resources, guidance, and regulatory oversight to ensure that emerging neurotechnologies empower individuals, enabling human flourishing in ways that are both meaningful and sustainable.

We encourage and support companies involved in neurotechnology that operate with integrity and aim their innovations towards the greater good.

Our primary objective is to foster a spirit of cooperation and partnership among various neurotechnology companies, major players in the tech industry, and government entities. By pooling our resources and expertise, we can work towards a common goal of aligning neurotechnological innovations with the best interests of humanity. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that these advancements serve the greater good and contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life on a global scale. We firmly believe that by working together, we can achieve greater success and make a positive impact on the world.

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Institute of Neurotechnology & Law INL

Through these objectives, the Institute of Neurotechnology and Law (INL) aims to mould a future where neurotechnology not only advances human capabilities but does so within a framework that respects and enhances human rights and dignity.

Join us at INL as we explore the profound questions at the heart of technology and tradition, innovation and integrity, science and society. Together, we can pave the way for a future where neurotechnology enriches our legal landscape, ensuring justice and human dignity are upheld

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