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Essay Competition

To what extent is cognitive liberty adequately protected by the GDPR?

The newly established Institute of Neurotechnology and Law is thrilled to announce its inaugural essay competition. Open to students and young legal professionals worldwide, this competition seeks to explore the frontiers of cognitive liberty and the current legal frameworks surrounding it.


As neurotechnology advances, the boundaries of what can be achieved through brain science extend, and with them, new questions arise regarding privacy, consent, and mental integrity. We invite you to delve into these emerging issues and provide your perspective on the adequacy of current legal protections for cognitive liberty.


Submission Guidelines:

- Essays must be no longer than 2,000 words, excluding references.

- Submissions must be in English, typed, double-spaced, ].

- All work must be original and not previously published.


Essays will be judged based on clarity, originality, and adherence to the theme.

How to Submit:

Entries should be emailed to headed "Essay Competition 2024". Ensure all contact information is included and that the submission adheres to the specified guidelines.


Deadline for Submission: 1st September 2024


Seize this unique opportunity to contribute to an evolving field and have your voice heard on a global scale. We look forward to your insightful submissions and wish you success in your writing!

Cognative Institute of Neurotech & Law | INL
brain wig Institute of Neurotech & Law | INL
Brain Institute of Neurotech & Law | INL

Eligibility Criteria


- Current students in any discipline and at any academic level

- Pupil barristers and solicitor trainees

- Newly Qualified lawyers of those of no more than 3 Years PQE

The Prizes!


 The winning essay will be published in Counsel and will receive a prize of £250.

Essay Competition Institute of Neurotechnology & Law | INL Neurotech and Law


 A bottle of champagne

Institute of Neurotech & Law | INL

Third Place

Third Prize: A copy of Nita Farahany's brilliant The Battle for your Brain

Nita Institute of Neurotechnology & Law | INL Neurotech and Law
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