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Careers at Institute of Neurotechnology & Law INL 

At the Institute of Neurotechnology & Law (INL), we are at the forefront of exploring the intersection between cutting-edge neurotechnology and the law. Our mission is to lead the conversation on cognitive liberty, mental privacy, and the legal implications of emerging neurotechnologies. As the first organization of its kind, INL offers a unique and exciting environment for professionals passionate about innovation, ethics, and law.


Why Work at INL?


  • Pioneering Work: Be part of groundbreaking research and policy development in a rapidly evolving field. Contribute to shaping the future of neurotechnology and its legal frameworks.


  • Expert Team: Collaborate with leading experts in neurotechnology, law, and ethics. Our team includes top professionals and thought leaders dedicated to advancing knowledge and practice in this interdisciplinary arena.


  • Innovative Environment: Work in a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and continuous learning. We value innovation and are committed to staying ahead in the field.


  • Global Impact: Join a globally recognized organization making significant contributions to the discourse on neurotechnology and law. Your work at INL will have a far-reaching impact on policy, ethics, and society.


  • Professional Growth: Benefit from extensive opportunities for professional development, including workshops, conferences, and seminars. We support our team members in their pursuit of excellence and advancement in their careers.


  • Collaborative Culture: Experience a supportive and inclusive workplace where teamwork and collaboration are at the heart of our success. We believe that diverse perspectives drive better outcomes and foster a vibrant community.

Job Openings

There are currently no open vacancies at INL

Join Our Prestigious Panel of Neurotechnology and Law Experts:

Are you a distinguished expert in Neurotechnology or Law? Collaborate with leading professionals globally. Contact us at to join our esteemed expert panel

Join Our Prestigious Panel as a Research Associate: 

Are you a PhD student or a seasoned researcher in Neurotechnology or Law? Collaborate with top experts globally, & contribute to blogs, publications, and research papers. Contact us at to become a valued member of our research panel.

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