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Dr. Karen Herrera-Ferrá

Dr. Karen Herrera-Ferrá

Dr. Karen Herrera-Ferrá is a physician with a master’s degree in clinical psychology, a PhD in Bioethics and a Posdoctorate in Neuroethics. She has been dedicated to clinical mental health. She is an independent researcher and academic and international advisor in bioethics and neuroethics.


She has represented Mexico, through lectures and collaborations, in international brain and neuroethics projects in Latin America, USA, Europe and Asia.


She is founder and former president of the Mexican Association of Neuroethics. Founding member of the Interdisciplinary Bioethics Seminar. She is a member of the Council of Experts of the National Alliance of Artificial Intelligence (ANIA), and of the Group of Neurorights in the Senate of Mexico. She is a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Pragmatic Health Ethics Research Unit, McGill University, Canada. Advisor in the project "Consultant at Neuroderechos, neuroethics, metaverse, behavioral economics and artificial intelligence (NEURAMETA)", at the University of Chile.


She was Associate Faculty of the Center for Neuroethics at the Pellegrino Center for Clinical Bioethics (PCCB) at Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington DC. Delegate to the Global Neuroethics Summit as part of the International Brain Initiative. Former member of the Board of Directors of the International Neuroethics Society and former member of the Board of Directors of the Mexican National Academy of Bioethics.


Dr. Herrera-Ferrá also works as a reviewer and editor for international scientific journals.


Her areas of interest include:

- Neuroethical, legal, social and cultural aspects of recurrent violent behavior.

- Ethical, legal, social, cultural and contextual aspects of the development, use and globalization of neuroscience, advanced neurotechnology and Artificial Intelligence.

- Neuroethical aspects of cognitive diversity.

- Ethical legislation and human rights related to the brain and mind.

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