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Dr. Romeo Racz

Dr. Romeo Racz, 

Dr. Romeo Racz., leads the Cancer Neurotechnology Lab at Imperial College London's Brain-Tumour Research Centre of Excellence. His work focuses on mapping and modulating microenvironmental dynamics of glioblastoma using advanced in-vivo electrophysiology techniques.

He has developed large-scale electrophysiology methods, including jULIEs and CHIME technologies, enabling high-resolution neural recordings and stimulation. These contributions have advanced the understanding of mammalian brain functions in health and disease. He played a key role in the development and validation of the BAMBI platform for brain tumour margin detection, now progressing towards first-in-human trials.

Holding six patents, three of which are granted, his work covers deep-brain neural interfacing technology and novel methods for recording and modulation of neural ensembles. He has a broad network of academic, clinical, and industrial collaborators across the UK and the US.

Awarded the Francis Crick Institute Translational Fellowship and the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Therapeutic Accelerator among others, he also co-founded Metacognis Limited, a spin-off company providing AI-driven knowledge management solutions for industrial R&D.

Balancing his professional and personal life, he is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and neurobiological research, translating new insights into clinical advancements for patients with debilitating diseases.

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