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Allanah Beazley

Allanah Beazley

Allanah Beazley is a tech ethicist, science communicator, and policy researcher specializing in the responsible development of neurotechnology, AI, and data governance. She holds an MA in Tech Ethics & Science Policy from Duke University and BS in Neuroscience from Westminster University, concentrating on cognition and neurotechnology. 

As the Communications Lead at Blackrock Neurotech, a pioneer in BCI implants, she develops effective strategies to translate complex neurotechnology concepts for diverse audiences, fostering productive dialogue among researchers, policymakers, and the public. Through her research work at Duke University, Allanah investigates the implications of converging BCI, AI, and XR technologies, working to develop cross-disciplinary impact assessment tools to inform policy and regulation decisions. She is also collaborating to develop best practices and guidelines for the responsible advancement of BCI technologies.

Allanah’s interest in neuroethics and neurotechnology policy stems from a commitment to safeguarding patient rights, developing policies to protect neural data, and promoting the responsible development and deployment of neurotechnologies. She believes in fostering productive dialogue among industry leaders, researchers, policymakers, and the public to ensure that ethical considerations guide technological innovation. Looking ahead, Allanah plans to pursue a law degree specializing in neurotech and AI policy with an aim to shape regulatory frameworks that balance individual rights with innovation.

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